NEW! 100 Piece Bulb Kit ZAMA Z000-057-K001-A

this case contains:

  • (15 pcs) Z000-057-Z0004-A Syringe
  • (9 pcs) A056013C1 External Primer Bulb
  • (10 pcs) Z0057035 Syringe
  • (15 pcs) Z000-057-Z001-A Syringe
  • (5 pcs) Z0057701 Syringe
  • (10 pcs) Z057034A Syringe
  • (5 pcs) Z0057703 Syringe
  • (10 pcs) A056120C External Primer Bulb
  • (15 pcs) Z05700043A Syringe
  • (2 pcs) Z000-056-K001-A External Primer Kit
  • (2 pcs) Z000-056-K003-A External Primer Kit
  • (2 pcs)     Z000-056-K004-A           External Primer Kit

⇒Bulb Kit keeps bulbs safe in protective case.

⇒Bulb Kit allows customers to purchase bulbs at discounted price.

⇒Allows for customer to keep variety of Bulbs and refill as needed.

⇒Reference sheet provides quick location of needed part.

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