Diaphragm Carburetors

In the late 1940’s we revolutionized the handheld engine industry with the invention of the diaphragm carburetor, enabling small engines to operate in any position. That invention led to the creation of an entirely new market segment in the lawn and garden industry that rapidly grew to include chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers, pole cutters and leaf blowers and expanded to the construction market with concrete cutters and cut-off saws. With our world-wide manufacturing capability, we serve customers on every continent. Our four main lines of diaphragm carburetors – HU, HE, HS and HL – cover the full range of engines, from smaller consumer engines to heavy-duty professional engines. Our customer list has included nearly every major brand and in some cases we license our technology to engine manufacturers who want to do their own manufacturing. Chances are, if you pick up any piece of handheld power equipment, its carburetor either is or is based on one of ours.


Our new line of TillotsonTCT carburetors let you upgrade your existing float-style carburetor with our latest technology. TillotsonTCT is really more than just a carburetor; it’s a a complete fuel system housed in a carburetor body.  The integrated system provides a form of mechanical fuel injection that let’s us more precisely tune the carburetor to the engine, making it easier to start, providing smoother operation and lowering emissions by up to 40%.  The TillotsonTCT also provides enhanced atomization and fuel velocity for better acceleration, smoother operation, more power and more torque.  Visit our TillotsonTCT page to learn more.

Tillotson Xchange

Our Tillotson Xchange line of replacement products makes it possible to improve the performance of your equipment that didn’t come with a Tillotson carburetor.  You can replace the original carburetor with one of our Tillotson Xchange carburetors, or simply rebuild your existing carburetor with genuine Tillotson® Xchange repair kits. All Tillotson Xchange products come with our legendary quality, warranty and technical support.

Check the shop for carburetors and kits available online, or download our Tillotson Xchange Catalog and contact us or a dealer near you for more information or to place an order.