Pulse Fuel Pumps

Pulse Fuel Pumps function by using an engine-supplied pressure differential that acts upon a flexible diaphragm to pump fuel.

  • Typical application: up to 25 horsepower
  • Suitable for 2 or 4 stroke engines
  • Gasoline fuel compatibility with optional levels of ethanol resistance

Reciprocating Fuel Pump

Walbro’s FR series reciprocating fuel pumps are durable units suitable for commercial and industrial use.

  • Designed for gasoline or diesel fuels
  • 12 or 24 volt
  • Wide variety of design configurations

Rotary Fuel Pumps

Walbro Rotary Fuel Pumps include positive displacement gerotor pumps and turbine pumps.

  • Flow rate output up to 250 lph (66 gph), dependent on desired pressure and current requirements
  • In-tank and in-line versions available
  • Options:
    • Carbon commutator
    • RFI suppression
    • Inlet filter options

Fuel Pump Assembly

Walbro Fuel Pump Assemblies are custom-designed to meet your packaging, fuel flow, pressure and durability requirements. These designs are used on recreational, marine and lawn & garden products.

  • Fuel pump output and current draw based on design requirements
  • Pressure regulators available with set-point options
  • Return or returnless systems available
  • Inlet filters with capacity and micron rating options
  • Low permeation flange and seal material options