We provide Outdoor Power Equipment from Walbro, Zama and Tillotson. We sell carburetors, repair kits and gaskets, fuel pumps, etc for Outdoor Power Equipment.


We provide carburetors from Walbro for aeromodelism (RC Airplanes)


Since the 1950’s, inventive drivers have been taking their twooke or fouroke engines and turning them into racing machines. From the very beginning, Tillotson carburetors have fueled the passion for racing.

Tillotson HL series carburetors, originally created for chainsaws, were among the first carburetors to be adapted to racing. Drivers looking for more power turned to our larger HR carburetors, which originally powered snow mobiles and other large off-road vehicles.

In 2007, they introduced the HW Series Tillotson® Avenger, a new line of carburetors designed specifically for the racing industry. These carburetors maximize the performance of today’s racing engines, with greater fuel flow, more power and more fine adjustment. Whether you’re racing on the newest KF twooke engines or specially tuned 4oke engines, and whether you’re using alcohol or gasoline, one lap around the track will convince you that no other carburetor comes close to the performance of a Tillotson® Avenger. 

View and purchase Tillotson full line of racing carburetors and components from the Tillotson Racing website.